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Patient Care

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Early diagnosis plays a crucial role in the overall cancer care process. In order to identify people with early signs and symptoms at the grass root level, we have a working mechanism with many stake holders starting with


Cancer Sahajogi - A cancer fighter and survivor of the locality who is the point of contact for people of their locality to guide and provide information on everything related to cancer. He / She conducts regular awareness sessions in their block with the help of local CBOs (Community Based Organisation), providing information on various signs and symptoms of cancer. The awareness sessions are conducted with different target groups like Asha and Aanganwaadi didis, medicine vendors, quacks, Ayush doctors, Self Help Groups (SHG), adolescent boys and girls.

Persons, identified with early signs and symptoms through these sessions, contact Sahajogi for guidance. Umeedein central team, in coordination, with Sahajogi will provide guidance to such patients for available treatment facilities, financial schemes, available support services (food, shelter, blood, medicine, etc.). Then the patient will be coordinated with the Patient guide (stationed at hospitals, provides a hand holding support to the patients) of the treatment centers. Sahajogi will continue regular follow-ups and counseling with such patients so as to ensure there are no dropouts etc.